Lana Del Rey's 'Blue Jeans' Video: Croc and Roll



If the video for "Blue Jeans" picks up where the one for "Born to Die" left off, Lana Del Rey's heavily tattooed beau has resuscitated her, cleaned her up, and filed an insurance claim for the incinerated vehicle we were left with. Perhaps to alleviate the stress of such an ordeal, Mr. and Mrs. Del Rey find themselves at a ranch house with a swimming pool with a few regionally inappropriate reptiles thrown in for good measure.
Once again, we find Lana excessively concerned with her own mortality, particularly at the hands of Sir Ink-a- Lot. Dare we say, he's not good for you? The pair do the opposite of "frolicking"—we've never seen anyone have less fun in a pool. "Blue Jeans" requires us to really exert our suspension of disbelief on several counts: that any mascara holds up that well underwater, that Lana would seriously rock a one-piece with that bod, and that crocodiles (alligators?) can tolerate chlorine.
Lana sinks slowly to the bottom of the pool proclaiming "I will love you until the end of time," as if the end of her time is indeed upon us. But we figure this pool is about eight feet deep, tops. Nice try, Lana; we'll see you next time. 

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Dan De Lion

03/25/12 3:17am

Man, you guys are some snarky bitches sometimes. Since when are videos supposed to be realistic and meet every logistics issue? It's a beautifully filmed video. Leave it at that and enjoy it. Btw, pretty sure you could drown in eight feet of water.
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