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When serious Fleetwood Mac-style romantic shenanigans caused the 2004 split of her indie-rock band the Anniversary, singer Adrianne Verhoeven was prepared to say goodbye to music for good. "I remember sitting at home one day and suddenly realizing that I no longer had a music career," recalls the 26-year-old singer. "I had no idea what to do." Turns out, the music industry wasn't ready to say goodbye to Verhoeven. Rather than rehash the same old sound, she took to producing her own material under her longtime nickname, Dri. Her debut solo record, Smoke Rings (Range Life), which is out this month, came about largely due to the urging of friends in her hometown of Lawrence, Kansas. "There was this great energy happening around me, all these people making such beautiful, dope stuff," Verhoeven says. The surprisingly soulful combination of sampled beats, doo-woppy vocals, and the faintest hint of reggae is a far cry from the guitar-heavy sound of her previous band. On tour this past summer opening for Conor Oberst, Verhoeven sang and played keyboards with a backup band of old friends. "I've come to terms with the fact that I'm basically a -hippie who also listens to old hip-hop," she laughs. "I make stoner dance music."



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