LA Story

"The word theater comes from the Greeks," the legendary acting teacher Stella Adler once remarked. "It means ‘seeing place.' It is the place people come to see the truth about life and the social situation." Adler was, of course, speaking about the work that actors do in helping to cultivate characters, tell stories, and deliver performances on stage, but she may very well have been talking about Los Angeles.


Ryan Barber

I like to entertain people. It gives them a chance to escape reality.

Kurt Collins

The most difficult part of the movie business? "Waiting and waiting and waiting."

Andy Earle

I once had a dressing room next door to Justin Bieber’s. He had his entourage there too.

Luke Armitage

I have a lot of respect for guys who are so committed and so good at what they do and are mysterious, like Daniel Day-Lewis.

Mcabe Gregg

I was always back and forth between LA and Scottsdale with my family because my dad was an actor. But our whole family moved back to LA about a year and a half ago.

Augustus Britton

Role model? My grandmother, Estelle Parsons. She’s won an Oscar and been nominated for four Tonys. She’s a no-bullshit artist.

Ryan Bloum

I was in one play in sixth grade. It was The Grinch and I played a little elf. I wasn’t very tall.



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