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Lacquer lovers take note: Exclusive tips from Julie Kandalec for China Glaze, straight from the Spring 2010 runways. (PICTURED: IEKELIENE STANGE. PHOTO BY SARAH HOWARD)

SH:What are the spring nail trends as seen on the runway?


JK: There was a lot of custom blending and layering polishes over one another for a truly custom, unique shade.


Nails were polished a nude skin-tone, semi-opaque or opaque, as if to elongate the hand, like a mannequin's hand, like "Chiaroscuro."

White nails–not bright white–but a more semi-sheer shade to make it less harsh. I love China Glaze "White Ice" or "Moonlight." Add a few drops of pink to make it softer yet.

Nails not the same color on all ten fingers. Maybe eight nails red, one gold and one purple. Or a reverse french, but switching it up. Maybe black China Glaze ("Liquid Leather") with white China Glaze ("White on White") on eight nails, and white with black on the other two. Also, a color wheel-different shades of the same color-but as you move from the thumb to pinky, the colors get lighter. But, they must have the same finish! Ones to try: China Glaze "Designer Satin", "Make an Entrance," "Rich & Famous," "Shocking Pink," and "Love Letters."

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Orange and orange-reds. Matching orange lips to orange nails. Try China Glaze "Japanese Koi" or for some shimmer, China Glaze "Jamaican Out." Lots of clean, classic sheer shades. Solid, no Frenches. Short, natural nails, or long, very oval nails. Seems to be one or the other extreme!

My favorite clean shade is China Glaze "Inner Beauty." Everyone I put it on loves it. I also love China Glaze "Innocence" for a cooler pink, or for a more beige shade, I reach for China Glaze "Hope Chest."

Matte green nails, like China Glaze "Tree Hugger," with a matte finish, are very fresh for spring.

Gold. I LOVE China Glaze "GR8" from the Text collection. It's opaque, holographic, superfine metallic gold shimmer.

SH: How does this translate into an off-the-runway look?

JK: I think many of the nail looks are very wearable. They may not be as long for every day wear, but the oval shape is very flattering on the hand, lengthening and elongating the fingers. If you are afraid to wear a lot of color, incorporate one slightly different colored nail rather than being so dramatic with it. And remember, its just polish.

SH: What's the one thing to remember as we move from fall to spring nails? Don't be afraid to play with color! And, your nails do not have to match anything: not each other, your toes, your handbag, anything. Its all about being carefree!

Sarah Howard is the Editor of Beauty Banter.



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