Patron's Holiday Happiness Experiment


"Tequila, it makes you happy," the British group Terrorvision once belted over Danny Flores' original 1957 one-hit wonder melody. They were certainly onto something.
Forget the holiday humdrum drinks that are brandy, eggnog, and scotch - this year, we're breaking out the Patrón tequila. We think Santa, and our family members, will be rather grateful - a nice hand-blown, individually numbered, liter of smooth, fun-in-a bottle, rather than some a stale, stuffy glass of sherry.
For the first time, luxury tequila company Patrón is hosting The Holiday Happiness Experiment. By answering a few simple questions about gift giving and receiving, you'll be entered to win a cocktail party for you and whomever else you invite to share in the joyous occasion of free drinks.  New memories for the New Year - color us happy.

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