Is Makeup Mandatory in Outer Space?


Is makeup mandatory when you're not on earth? For one Japanese astronaut, Naoko Yamazaki, it seems the answer is yes. Or so the The Daily Yomiuri  would like you to believe. On Monday, Naoko will board the Discovery, launching her into outer space to join three other female astronauts–the most women ever in space at what time. But what the newspaper really wants to know is…what beauty supplies will Naoko be bringing on board?

Apparently, lipstick and pressed powders are a go, loose powder and flammables (nail polishes) are not. While I’d personally find it difficult to focus on keeping my eyeliner straight while navigating my way into orbit, I do have one tip for Naoko: pack bronzer. There’s no sunbathing in outer space.

Sarah Howard is the editor of Beauty Banter.


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