Lonely Photographer Seeks Management


Last night after the screening for Management  a sweet movie, starring Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn's new film, there was  a small dinner party at the still unfinished but very sightly Cooper Square Hotel. As guests sat down to eat I slid over to Jennifer Aniston, who was eating with an (eligible?) man. I couldn't reach her so I asked him to take a picture, and he said no.  Everyone else—Tommy Hilfiger, the other actors—was eating, and finishing schooled as I am, I loathe bothering people at dinner. And dinner was laid out in such a way that not bothering them was a tall order. Agyness Deyn, of course, was happy to have her picture taken. Well, not at first—but then she apologized, "Is it OK if I said 'no,' because I look a bit drunk?" Then she agreed. What some bangs can do!

I looked dejected, as Tim Morehouse, Olympic silver medalist for fencing and seemingly unconnected to Hollywood, came over to me. He'd obviously noted that I was standing around thinking, "How the hell am I going to take pictures  here?" But when he asked me how was doing, I told him, "How the hell am I going to take pictures here?" Then I took their pictures. I went to the bar to regroup. Jeff Koons walked by. "May I take your picture?" He said no. Matthew Modine passed by. What's he been up to lately? He too said no.

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