Jorge Pardo's Summer House

Grant Delin


"We found the house through a real estate agent on the North Fork of Long Island in 2000 after we discovered the area through artist friends. It was built in the '50s by the Stamos family. Ours was the main house, and next door is where the later generation abstract expressionist painter Theodoros Stamos had his studio. He was very close to Mark Rothko and was later involved in a lawsuit when, as an executor, he sold Rothko's paintings to the Marlborough Gallery. No one wanted the house because it was just a solid concrete structure, really dark and uninviting. But the gardens were beautiful, and it was close to the beach. It was easy to remodel: Basically, I just put a bunch of holes in it and added light and color to make it feel more summery. I had leftover wall tiles from my Dia installation so I used those, and we worked their colors into the rooms. The top floor is my studio, and I'm always working on projects, so I've been decorating the house with what's close at hand. We painted the outside a bright orange-yellow last year. It changes in intensity depending upon the light and time of day. There's a playfulness to the way we live here, which is how it should be in the summer." -Jorge Pardo

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