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Craig Robins

Thanks in large part to Craig Robins, a real estate developer, art collector, and Miami native, the Miami Design District is flourishing. Currently, the community is home to new restaurants, public art installations, plenty of luxury stores (Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Saint Laurent, for example), and the ICA. We asked Robins to share a few of his favorite things. 



Actor: Robert Downey Jr. He is talented, spiritual, and a great husband and a friend.




Book: Gabriel García Márquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude.




Musician: Jesse Jo Stark is an emerging talent and a person of our time. Watch out for her.



Artist: My wife and I are committed collectors of art and design. Some of my favorites include Goya, Duchamp, and Baldessari. Goya is the first modernist, Duchamp the most important thinker, and Baldessari is the artist of the last 50 years.





Item of clothing: A Tom Ford suit. They make me feel sophisticated and formal with the right amount of style.




Restaurants: Michael's Genuine and MC Kitchen are two of Miami's best. They offer casual, delicious, healthy food.




A source of laughter: Photos texted from Harmony Korine. He has an abstract mind and a talent for finding crazy images. 

Photos: Ari Marcopoulos, Interview, 2008



Source of happiness: Pharrell signing "Happy."

Photo: Craig McDean, Interview, 2010 




Discovery: I would say the following: At age 14, public speaking; at age 19, Barcelona and art; at age 24, South Beach, a sense of community, and yoga; at age 31, the Miami Design District; at age 36, fatherhood; at age 45, Jackie; and at age 49, maturity.



Designer: Christian Louboutin. He is the brand, the business mind, and the creative visionary.



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